Mar 13th, 2017



(photo credit: Fox 4/DFW)

The story I just can't shake is this woman over the weekend, complaining and moaning about her jewelry getting stolen from her room at the Ritz-Carlton/Dallas.

And another story, about a North Texas woman who was grabbed off the street and raped for hours and cut up from head to toe.  She arrived at a church, naked from the waiste down, bloodied all over.  She, too, is engaged to be married.

These two stories offer something we ALL need.  Including me: Perspective.

I think the Ritz lady should just be grateful her family is all alive and there to celebrate her special day.  And I think she should be grateful to God for providing her with a husband who loves her.

Yes, it's a serious thing and is violating.  But "considering calling off her wedding", in light of the rape story for the other soon-to-be-marrieds gives us real perspective.

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