Are We "Weak-Kneed" Republicans?

Mar 29th, 2017



Texas State Rep Jonathan Stickland says we're "weak kneed Republicans" if we disagree with him.  

He says we are if we don't support allowing any citizen to open carry or conceal carry..even without a License to Carry permit, background check or training.

Don't call me names or say I'm not a real conservative if I don't agree with your foolish views.  Remember, this is the guy that apparently (according to all his past online posts) smoked a lot of weed and said a man can't rape his wife a few years ago during his days as an exterminator.

No thank you.  

We take away 1st Amendment rights from felons, so this is a right you can lose.

Also, your rights end when you endanger my life.

Get a LTC and get trained!  Then, I'll gladly welcome you into the LTC club!

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