Don't Bring a Toddler to the Movies

Apr 3rd, 2017



Saw the Power Rangers movie with the family this weekend.

A 1-2 year old toddler was right by us, talking and making noises the whole time.  WHY did the parents bring their toddler?

A PG-13 movie is way over the head of a 2 y/o.  I would have tolerance if it was "Frozen" or "The Little Mermaid", but that's NOT what this was.

After the movie, walking out, I noticed TONS of other toddlers and babies at the movies in this time, it was almost 9pm!!!  What the heck?  And what are they seeing?

WHEN did this become OK?  WHY is this happening?  WHY doesn't the movie places bar them/kick them out/send them home?

My wife thinks it's b/c they want to save money on a ruining our movie.  Not cool.

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