Man Thrown Off Flight

Apr 10th, 2017



Why is everyone on this Asian man's side?

He said they picked him b/c he's Asian.  Do you believe that?  He ran BACK on the plane after being dragged off, screaming that he was going to fly.  He chanted over and over again "kill me, kill me, kill me".

Still think he's an important Dr.  And, even if he is, do you want him to be YOUR Dr.?  I don't.  

Funny, 3 other people were also forced off, but you're not hearing about them today.  Know why?  They didn't try to pull this crap.

And SHAME on the people on the plane who were attacking our officers.  How dare you!

He turned down $800 and a free hotel night.

Oh, btw, if his job really is that important, where he can't miss a day, he should fly back one day beforehand, like we all do for cruises, so that if our plane is delayed, we won't miss our work or our cruise.

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