Bad Advice

Apr 24th, 2017



After today's workplace shooting in Dallas (actual workplace violence, not Radical Islamic Terrorism), WFAA-TV Ch 8 had an interview with a retired cop.

The cop told us that if we have an LTC and are concealed carrying (is that how I say it?!), that we should lock the gun in our desk..leave it behind, so we don't get shot by the cops when they respond.


If I'm carrying concealed, why would I take it off my person???  What if I need it???  What if I DO use it, in my attempt to stop the bad guy?  Why wouldn't I re-hoster it and then leave?

PLEASE do not discourage folks from carrying and KEEPING IT ON THEM in a workplace shooting.

YES, we should re-holster it and conceal it after using it or having it in our hands as we exit..but NO WAY IN HECK should we "drop it" or "leave it behind".  As Dr. Phil says "What the HE-- are you thinking?!".


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