Helpless and Unarmed

May 3rd, 2017



Sit and wait..that's all they could do.  For one whole hour.  Helpless.

That's what the "plan" was for North Lake College in Irving. 

Turn off the lights, lock the door and hide in the corner.  This is unacceplable for grown adults.

Thank God as of August 1st, LTC carriers CAN carry on community college campuses.  Can you imagine having to sit and wait for an hour?  And your only hope is your prof throwing a chair at the perp?  That literally is what one of the profs said he told his students: "I'll go first, then you throw a chair at him".  

OR..when we DO get the ability to carryin our CC's, you could do what Ch 8 and their "expert" said recently: "Lock your gun in your office and run"!!  Heck, no!!

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