Comey Hearings

Jun 8th, 2017



We learned A LOT today!

Why did Comey take notes from day one with Trump?  Because he thought the president was creepy and didn't like his public persona.  So..Comey made up his mind going into this thing that Trump was going to be a bad president, and that he would have to protect himself.

Funny, because once supposed alarm bells were going off, Comey didn't resign, didn't report it to anyone in a position to launch an investigation, etc.  He did nothing..for 3 months, and then was fired.

Trump did mess up.  He shouldn't have told Comey he "hopes he''ll drop the investigation" of Flynn, but it's not a crime.  I LOVED the Democrat female Senator who compaired it to a guy robbing you of your wallet at gunpoint: "I hope you'll give me your wallet".  RIIIIIIGHT!! THAT'S how they rob you..riiight!  No, more like "GIVE ME YOUR WALLET!!".  Trump never did that.

OH..and I LOVE what Rubio pointed out: No one ever leaked that the president was NEVER under investigation!! LOL!!!!!!!! :)

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