Good Luck Stopping Us

Jun 14th, 2017



It's repulsive to hear Dems talk about "gun control" on a day like today.  Especially when a deranged Bernie supporter/volunteer is the one who did it!

Instead, they should be talking about their hate and their hate speech.  That's what they can do to prevent something like this from happening again.

No cops on the scene for 4 minutes.  All would have been dead, had it not been for the presence of Congressman Scalise, the #3 in the House.the Whip.  He gets Capitol Police protection.

If he weren't there we'd have many dead congressmen to bury..and their sons.

Thank God for our 2nd Amendment..and thank God for our officers. 

BTW, this does NOT slow us down, nor our support of President Trump.  In fact ,this makes us MORE SUPPORTIVE!!  You're virtually guaranteeing him a second term! Good!


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