They Punished You!

Jun 21st, 2017


If you're a school district, and you don't get the tax increase that you wanted, what do you do?
PUNISH THE PEOPLE!!   And that's exactly what Frisco ISD did.
Sure, folks say "well, if the band kids have to pay, so should the sports kids".  But that's not what this was about.  Frisco ISD could have done that years ago. 
No.  This was about punishing YOU because YOU voted "NO!".  
It's interesting, though.  You know what Frisco ISD DID Have money for?  A RAISE for their teachers!! you know much money they're going to get by charging these new athletics fees?  $1.2 million. know how much EXTRA money they have in their rainy day fund?  $20 million MORE than required by law.  
DO you think they could have come up with the extra million bucks?  
Sure, they COULD have..but WHY would they do THAT..when they can PUNISH YOU!!  Frisco ISD sent a CLEAR MESSAGE TO ALL!!  Next time a tax increase or bond vote is up, you'd BETTER vote for it...or you'll pay.  We'll punish you AGAIN!!
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