1 Year Ago Today..

Jul 7th, 2017



From a Dallas Police Officer:

July 7th, 2016, a day which will live in infamy in the hearts and souls of every Dallas Police Officer and their loved ones; especially in the hearts and souls of the family of the fallen, a coward murdered five Police Officers-Police Officers who were on special assignment that evening to protect individuals rights to march and protest against them. 
My partner and I heard the long, high-pitched emergency tone come over the radio. The tone that tells us that there is an emergency call coming. Little did we know, but that emergency call was for our own. 
"All of channel 3, city wide assist at Main and Market, multiple shots fired, Officer down," the Dispatcher announced.
My partner, who is a veteran of the Dallas Police Department and who has seen far too many Police funerals since 1989, gave me a look as if to say, "This is bad." We hit the lights and siren and went.
We had to park our squad car several blocks away from the scene and we approached on foot. Rag-tag groups of Officers came together, rookie and veteran alike, and ran toward the sound of gunfire.
My partner, myself and our group made for the grayhound bus station terminal in an attempt to clear the citizens out of the way of potential harm. I heard rapid gunfire followed by my partner's voice calling for me to take cover, which we did, behind a grayhound bus. 
We spent the rest of that scene preparing to become a recovery team, a team whose responsibility would be getting the wounded out of the kill zone; thankfully, we were never called.
The news came down the line: 5 dead. My heart sank. I heard the names of two of my buddies who were murdered and I cried. A veteran Officer told us to keep our composure and carry on.
I got home the next morning at 5:40am and saw the sun come up. I saw the sun come up knowing those men would never see the sun come up again and I cried.
Before I lay down next to my wife and infant daughter, a bible verse from my bible app on my phone popped up:
"Lord, I have so many enemies! So many people are rising up against me! Many are saying about me, 'The Lord Will Not Save Him.' But Lord, you are like a shield that keeps me safe! You honor me and help me win the battle." Psalm 3 verses 1-3.
I will never get over July 7th, 2016. I don't know many on this department who will. I will never forget the leers and jeers of the protesters screaming at us, "They're not shooting at us, they're shooting at you!" as we begged them to get out of the street, telling them that there was an active shooter.
But, I do know honor and sacrifice, because I saw it in those 5 Police Officers who put on their vest and badge for the last time. I saw it in the way their family and friends praised what loving people they were in life.
I am a Dallas Police Officer. I serve one of the greatest cities in our union. And I continue to serve.
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