The time to now!

Sep 7th, 2017



I'm telling you, something's going on.

That statue would have been taken down "immediately" today after the TRO was lifted. 

The city council resolution said the statue must be removed "immediately".  Dwaaaaiiiiiiiine Caraway stood out there taking pics of them "removing" it.  Channel 8 still has a story saying the statue was "removed".  This was not supposed to happen.

So..WHY then, when the TRO was lifted at 1p today, did they not remove it?

AND..why is Dwaaaaaiiine now saying "we'll take our time.." when he said it must be removed now??

I'm telling you they've found something out that could be a deal breaker!  Probably found out need a NEW crane..maybe it will cost 2-5 times the original estimates.  Remember, the crane was TOO SMALL to remove it yesterday.  Remember, the statue was 6 feet bigger than they realized.  

I'm telling you..the city is VERY WEAK right now for some reason..a reason they're hiding from us.  

I'm telling you the time to strike and fight NOW!!  They're hiding something big...

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