I don't believe him

Oct 9th, 2017



I don't believe the adopted father of this missing Richardson girl.

Who forces their 3 year old to drink milk at 3am?  Who puts them outside of the back yard fence, in the alley by herself at 3am?  Especially as a special needs child.

No, I think he's covering up for something HE DID.  If there are any coyotes involved, as he has said, I'm thinking it's because he fed them.  I pray to God not, but that's my feeling

Glad Richardson PD cuffed him and stuffed him.  Glad they towed away his 3 cars.  Glad they charged him and held him for a bit.  Don't believe the well-intentioned church members.  Glad I saw a report that CPS is investigating and took the other child.

OH..and Richardson PD messed up, bigtime.  They NEVER should have put out an Amber Alert.  It did NOT meet the criteria.  It's BAD when they pull it incorrectly. Legit Amber Alerts will be paid less attention, which means less kids will survive.  BAD MOVE. 

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