Breastfeeding Nazi Crashes Wedding

Oct 17th, 2017



This is just like the losers taking a knee in the NFL, making it all about themselves.

A North Texas couple sends out wedding invites with a note asking folks who breast feed to pleae do it in a designated area they have prepared.

A breast feeding mom, who's the spouse of the best man, is so enraged that she goes, takes pics of the area and puts it on social media, attacking them.

Now, your first clue that this woman has an agenda is her agenda name: Ceara.  Red Flag.

This mother says anyone who says "I support breast feeding, but.." 'doesn't support breast feeding'.  

So, just like the NFL players taking a knee, she decides to crash the wedding fun by taking pics of the designated breast feeding area, then posting it on social media and attacking. 

I thought a wedding was about the COUPLE, not its guests.

Just like the NFL players, it's all about them.  A must read story from WFAA-TV Ch 8 

We're hearing rumors that this breast feeding mom with a child that looks almost 3 years old breastfeeding during this story, may have taken a knee while the bride walked in for the ceremony.  Just a rumor ;)

ps-Her husband was the best man.  I guess that makes her the "breast woman"?

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