Rules for Joe Barton at Thanksgiving

Nov 22nd, 2017



Here are some rules our listeners suggested, should Joe Barton be your guest for Thanksgiving..

Don't jingle the bells

Napkin must be on lap

2 deep bathroom chaperone program mandatory

Joe not allowed to handle giblets or neckbone

stand clear of the mistletoe

In kitchin? Must have apron on!  

no hats on lap

Dinner jackets mandataory, straight jacket for Joe 

No Cell phones at table

No selfies

Keep him away from the stuffing

Bring a photo editor

Hands above table

Hands up, pants up

No pants, no shirt, no service

don't even think..
can't pull /touch/look at the wishbone

That's not what gobble gobble means

No groping turkey breasts and legs 

Can't say "Have a drink on me" 

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