Are They Sh--holes?

Jan 12th, 2018



Are these countries crapholes?  Yes, they are. 

That's the first thing the El Salvadorians say at the border, after they spent $5K on a coyote to smuggle them in, after they've turned themselves in: "I come from a craphole..I need refugee status, they're murdering us all".

Haiti?  One of our closest family friends was born and raised in Haiti, moving here at 15.  YES, it's a craphole, she says..that's why people DIE on rafts floating AWAY from the craphole to come here.

Dick Durbin and his faux outrage and CNN et all: Snowflakes, acting..Thinking they FINALLY got Trump.  This is not a hard one.  They are crapholes, Trump wins this one.  

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