Will Stormy Take Down Trump?

Mar 28th, 2018



"This could be it!", say some.  But imagine their glee sputtering out when they find out that this will not work.

I saw it and heard it clearly with CNN's Brooke Baldwin today.  Power Attorney Mark Garagos said they cannot compel Trump to do a deposition, because Daniels says she is not a victim.  So, that won't happen.

Next thing, Geragos says she'll lose that request and will LOSE the case about her going public and will be forced to pay back everything to Trump.

Geragos is a liberal and is no fan of Trump or conservatives, so when he laughs at this and calls it a joke, I know it's true..and boy, was Baldwin bummed out!

Stormy is calculating that she can make MILLIONS out of this.  Sadly, she'll end up breaking even or LOSING money in the long run, while she continues to share with the world what God only meant to be for her husband. Pray for her.

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