A Religious Test

Jun 11th, 2017



I really couldn't believe it.  

Sometimes folks on my side..yes, even Christian Conservatives, can go way over board, or say "this happened..", when really it's not what they think it is.

But this really did happen.  Bernie Sanders truly attacking a Christian man who's being nominated by President Trump for Office of Budget Management.

All he did was defend his alma matter in a blog post.  He defended PROPERLY Wheaton College's right to fire a teacher who "stood with Muslims", saying they worship the same god.  They don't.

He rightly said there is only one true God and that the only way to the Father is through His Son.  There is no other way.  Sanders litterally and viscerally goes after the nominee, saying this is NOT America and that he won't be voting to confirm because of this.

WOW.  Being a Bible believing and following Christian is a reason to be DISQUALIFIED from holding a politically appointed office.  God help us..literally.

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