He's Not Going Down

Jul 19th, 2017



No matter what the Dallas DA, who's running for election soon..after being apointed by Gov. Abbott..No matter what she says, the former Balch Springs cop who shot the 15 y/o dead is not going to be convicted of murder.

They keep having press conferences, DA included, crowing about how awesome this is going.

Watch.  It's not going to happen.  Don't act surprised when it doesn't.

Here's the events I've cobbled together from all the reports: The officer and his partner are called by neighbors for the party.  They get there, are breaking it up, when shots are fired.  Turns out those shots were fired right next to where they were, but they were at a nearby nursing home.  Cops didn't know that.  They run outside, the former officer now charged, Roy Oliver, gets his rifle from his squad.  He and his partner confront the vehicle where they are backing up..they keep backing up, but then go into drive.  As that happens, Oliver's partner somehow breaks the rear window with his gun.  THEN Oliver shoots.  

Unless something is introduced that I'm not aware of, I believe Oliver thought that rear window breaking was shots fired from the vehicle, which is why he shot.  That's not murder.

But don't let that get in the way of this crowing DA.

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