Jul 23rd, 2017



Teaser "TC" Broadnax, the new City Manager for Dallas, has just blocked me on Twitter.  

If only he'd have responded, or answered the question: Why did you pick a baby beater..a black baby, nonetheless, to be on the panel to interview Dallas Police Chief candidates?  

The "minister" Dominique Alexander was convicted of beating a black baby boy, "Causing Sever Bodily Harm/Injury to a Child"..severe hemorrhaging behind the baby's eyes and between the hemispheres of his brain.

Alexander also was one of two leaders/organizers of the Black Lives Matter rally that led to 5 Dallas officers getting killed. 

Instead of explaining himself or apologizing or withdrawing Alexander, Teaser just blocked me.

Let him know how you feel.  Tweet him @DallasCityMgr or call his office (214) 670-3297 

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