Aug 9th, 2017



Everybody gets to have a voice in this country, but some…we just shouldn’t listen to. 

The mobs of folks railing against SB4, the Texas bill that would ban sanctuary cities..now, those are some folks we should completely ignore.

First, they keep lying, calling illegal immigrants “immigrants”, as if there’s no difference between sneaking into our country vs. doing it legally.

Second, they have this “mob” mentality.  Whatever the mob thinks is right, even if it’s wrong.  Whatever the mob wants, it gets and will run you over if you stand in it’s way.  And that’s dangerous.

Some are even just plain stupid. 

Dozens showed up to boycott Senator Don Huffines..at his brother’s dealership!  Keep in mind, his brother’s business has nothing to do with the Senator..he works in real estate..but that didn’t stop them.  “We’re launching an economic boycott”, they’re saying.  When told that the dealership has nothing to do with the Senator, they still didn’t care.

We do NOT want our country run like these angry, ignorant mobs.  Mob rule?  Not here.  Go try that in Mexico.

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