It was all a ruse

Sep 6th, 2017



The crane was in place at the park before the vote.  A city council member emailed constituents before the vote that the statue is coming down.  

They acted so hastily that they didn't even get the right sized crane!  No one even measured the statue properly..they were 6 feet off!

A member of the Mayor's task force lamented today that "I wish he would have waited 'til we were done" task force needed.  No recommendations.  

The Mayor said more important than what we do is "how we do it".  

Well, you failed.  

The Mayor said we need to not rush this..we need unity.

You failed.  By choice. 

Yes, I would LOVE a referendum on this.  The only known official poll, done by a Florida firm, surveyed 503 registered Dallas voters.  57% support keeping the statues up with a plaque explaining context, along with African American monuments to be placed near by.

If we had a referendum, the statues would stay.  But, ultimately, I fault the voters of Dallas for putting Mayor Rawlings and the other 14 clowns in who voted for this.  Voters put in people who worship at the altar of diversity.  And that's why we're here. 

OH..also found out tonight..a Dallas Morning News art critic..who also is a Dr./on staff at UTD, running their art musuem, tells us that the other man on the statue with General Robert E. Lee is a freed slave, traveling on the horse with Lee into the new, free America.

Truly disgusting they're taking this down. 

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