Roy Moore??

Nov 14th, 2017



As of this writing, a fifth woman has come out, saying he tried to had sex with her as a 17 year old..that he forced himself on her.

I believe her.  I believe he trolled for young girls..14-17 year olds.  

SOME people are going NUTS over this, coming after me and others who would dare say this guy needs to drop out.  He does.

Even Ted Cruz agrees with me.  This is making some folks' heads explode!

Did Moore sign that year book, with the message of telling her how beautiful she was at 17??  Her HS yearbook?  WOAH.

He didn't marry until about 38.  His wife was around 24 years old when they married.  That meets the profile.  A godly man, not married until 38..that's a red flag.  YES, there are godly folks who NEVER get married, and that's God's plan for probs with that.  But there are too many folks who are Trump voters/supporters who saw this, stand by this..and Moore's response in his Hannity interview actually is one of his most damning peices of evidence against him.  Something like "I don't remember, but may have..if I did, I had their mom's permission"????!?!?! What the what?

Get out, dude.  Let us win this seat.

ps-John Cornyn bailed, that was a surprise.

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